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Plot: We meet people who are happy with how good the internet has been to them. Then, we learn that the FCC might allow internet service providers to turn the internet into a dystopian plutocracy. It is up to you to save these people, and the entire internet, by visiting and asking the FCC to take a firm stand on net neutrality. Feat. Mark Ruffalo.

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What are your speed bumps?

In life you’ll run into many “speed bumps”. Not the huge yellow bumps in the road by school zones, but instead moments in your life where you feel your lowest. You feel as if LIFE itself has took an enormous “Shit” on you. Well I am here to tell you “Everybody” goes through it. Whether the issue is Money, Health, Family, Friends or Relationships. At some point another you will go through it. If your not experiencing it now. Making you feel like crap and less of yourself. As if you can’t do anything about it. I am here writing to you to tell you that you can. Yes I know, I am only 20 years old. What do I know about life? Well Thats the thing I don’t, no one does. These so called “speed bumps” are made for us to realize that “We are here and life exist”. We can change our lives for the better. 

Your probably asking me how do I get rid of speed bumps?

Your answer — “Be Happy and Smile, you could be experiencing something far more worse. You will get through it and be stronger then ever”.

In case you want an example “I drop my chipotle right after I purchase it” ☹ Jk I didn’t but imagine if I did :O

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Why I design?

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